There was once a poet witch who lived near a river forest, in a hundred year old house, with a clever dog and her partner of 12 years. She collected indie decks, and divined with silver charms, and a map of the archetypes of the dead, and a collection of objects she had collected in her pockets. Hagstones, iron keys from Victorian factories, beads and old necklaces, hematite and animal teeth, bits of bone and river stones. She collected typewriters and channeled poetry for those who wanted her to read their cards. She loved creating events that combined divination with other things – dance, art, poetry, costume, seances, ghost story circles. Her mother was a calligrapher and also collected Tarot decks and silver charms and odd objects, she grew up playing with Tarot cards and calligraphy pens and writing poems to trees and leaving them in their hollow branches. She loved old books and fiery poetry, social justice and talking to the dead. You could find her reading at old speakeasies built on graveyards, holding seances in haunted rooms, at art shops and maker fairs, haunted restaurants, or communing with the flock of bees that love her wild prairie yard that is taller than the fence.

As of December 1st, 2019, Emily has a private tarot, art, poetry and mediumship studio in hide house creative, located at 2625 S. Greeley St, unit 104. To book a session there, go to and select your day and time.