I work with many venues that will host parties, or allow me to do private readings there. You can find venues that allow parties or private readings under my “events” tab.

Schedule time with me

Due to COVID – 19, Emily will only be available for phone, messenger, video chat, and email readings until the crisis resolves. She will be doing a Facebook live event on 3 of cups divine arts every Thursday, and can also now be found on the Everclear app as Delphi (delf-ee). Her direct line on Everclear is +1 (801) 447-1811. You can schedule a private remote reading for 1$/minute until the crisis resolves at www.calendly.com/waxinggibboustarot, by selecting the “Emily’s Garden Sale” at the top of the offerings. Be safe, be well, take heart, I’m here.

To book a reading or party at a venue, email waxinggibboustarot@gmail.com I’m happy to ask a henna, typewritten poem, or metaphysical artist to join me. Did you know? I offer poetic readings… find out more about that on my blog.

I’m also happy to come to your event as a performer or teacher, reader, seance holder, or magickal artist.

I also do private readings in my tarot, art, and poetry studio at 2625 S Greeley St, Unit 104, Milwaukee, WI 53207

This office is located inside the Hide House Creative building.