Emily loves planning events that combine divination and channeling with art, dance, and poetry. She holds classes with metaphysical crafters, tarot and henna art events, ghost story and healing circles, tarot classes, mediumship classes, seances, tarot and tattoo art events, as well as just tarot reading events. She is an ongoing reader and teacher at Milwaukee Art Museum After Dark, the Mead Public Library, Space Oddities Gallery in Chicago, Milwaukee Makers Market, i ov thee dragon tattoo and body piercing, Shakers Milwaukee, Voyageur Bookshop, as well as many other venues.

Here is a calendar of Emily's upcoming appearances and collaborations:

Announcing Festival Avalon's 3rd year running, a week of metaphysical fun, art, bibliomancy, dog training, flower crown making, bellydancing hafla, street wide small business and artisan connection and big party, tarot reading, henna art and healing, crystal information class, seance, ritual circle in a yurt, and ghost story circle in celebration of the return of the Sun to Wisconsin. This year's theme is Umbrellas and Flower Crowns to go with the likely weather. Better rain than snow! Welcome back to the Sun. Welcome Aries season and longer days. Welcome Persephone. We've been waiting for you all winter.

March 18th - Festival Avalon: Tarot and Henna

March 18th - Festival Avalon: Spring Equinox Seance

March 20th - Festival Avalon: Spring Fling on KK

March 20th - Festival Avalon: Flower Crown Make N Take

March 21st - Spring Fling on KK: Sparrow Tarot Day

March 21st - Spring Fling on KK: Bibliomancy

March 21st - Spring Fling on KK: Henna Healings

March 22nd - Festival Avalon: Puppies of Spring

March 22nd - Festival Avalon: Healing Hut

March 23rd - Festival Avalon: Ghost Story Circle

March 24th - Festival Avalon: Crystals 101 and Tarot